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For $99 you get $1,189 worth of junior high ministry resources! You save OVER 90% on over 3 years of junior high lessons worth $1,189.  

The bundle includes just about everything in our junior high ministry store.  

The bundle goes live on Friday, December 8 at 12pm noon Eastern U.S. time and ends on Thursday, December 14 at 11pm Eastern.  

Awesome prizes for the first to order the bundle on opening day (see full list below).  

Note: Coupon code may not be used to purchase bundle.


We're giving away some really awesome prizes to the first who order the bundle on opening day (Friday, October 13) at 12pm Eastern U.S. time!  

PRIZE #1 - EVERYONE who orders on opening day gets these 3 youth ministry series from our sister website, Ministry to Youth, as a FREE bonus (total value of $129): Counter Culture ($35 Value), Dwell ($35 Value) and Overcoming Temptation ($59 Value)

Note: You will be emailed a link to download the 3 bonus series by Saturday, December 9 at 1pm Eastern. 

PRIZE #2 - $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD - Michelle Norris from Loogootee, IN

PRIZE #3 - $100 ANYWHERE GIFT CARD - Susan Ballew from Charlotte, NC

PRIZE #4 - $100 PIZZA GIFT CARD - Keith Pitts from Cedar Rapids, IA



You want to see students' lives be transformed by God. However, there's often a gap between that vision and reality. Two of the biggest obstacles you face are a lack of time and money. That's why we put this bundle together - to save you time and money so you can more effectively point students to Jesus.  

SAVE $1,090. THAT'S OVER A 90% DISCOUNT! Stretch your shoe string budget, and reinvest that savings into other areas of ministry.  

SAVE AN AVERAGE OF 3 HOURS A WEEK - 156 HOURS A YEAR because you don't have to create junior high lessons and games from scratch. Reinvest that time into building relationships with students, parents and/or volunteers (or whatever else is a top priority).  

Time and money are two valuable tools to help you reach students. We put this bundle together to give you more time and money so you can more effectively point students to Jesus.


EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE. After purchase, you'll immediately be directed to a download page AND get an email that includes a link to download all the resources. The bundle is only available as a downloadable product.  

LESSONS AND GAMES COME IN PDF & WORD format so you can edit as needed and share with volunteers.  

LESSONS include a fun opening game, creative teaching, and engaging small group discussion questions. Although the lessons aren't meant to be read word for word (we encourage you to make it your own), included is a detailed script for leaders to follow.  

JUNIOR HIGH TARGETED. All our resources are jr high targeted. Our team knows students and what makes them tick, so all our resources will actually work well with 6th-8th graders. We're not a big publishing company that creates resources for all ages. We're 100% focused on jr high students. Rest assure, our stuff really works with jr high students.  

GAMES INCLUDE A SHORT LESSON. All the junior high games come with a short lesson. Use them just for fun, as a devotional, midweek, etc.  

SERIES ARTWORK includes cover image for promotional use and blank text image for making your own presentation slides.  

ALL OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY JUNIOR HIGH LEADERS like you who have a heart to see God move in the lives of students.  

OUR STUFF IS TOP NOTCH. We don't just throw together an outline and sell it to you. Our writers take a lot of time and effort creating quality jr high ministry resources that are jam packed with more than enough teaching material. Furthermore, we have a top notch team that consists of an editor, graphic designer, website designer, customer support person, etc.



For $99 you get over 3 years of junior high ministry resources and youth ministry lessons and games worth $1,189!  

The bundle includes nearly everything in our junior high ministry store!


Christmas Madness - 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - For middle schoolers, Christmas is a passive event. They are mostly on the receiving end of things. This series FLIPS these ideas upside down and helps middle schoolers see things the way that God does.  

Christmas this Year - 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - Help transform the way your students look at Christmas. They will no longer be focused on themselves and all the gifts for this year, but we will challenge them through games, teaching, and small groups to evaluate their attitude towards Christmas.  

30 Holiday Games and Object Lessons ($30 Value) - Use these 30 games and object lessons in your junior high ministry for Thanksgiving and Christmas programming. All the games include a mini-lesson on topics related to Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, if you add some of your own content, each game could be used as a foundation for an entire lesson.  

Marvelous Light - 4 Week Christmas Series ($29 Value) - Many junior high students know the details about how and where Jesus was miraculously born, but do they understand why? This Christmas, help students learn how Jesus was more than just a baby. He is The Marvelous Light!  

Thank Full - 4 Week Series ($25 Value) - Junior High Students have a never-ending craving for more "stuff". Help students be content with what really matters - the intangibles. They'll learn how to be FULL OF THANKS and appreciate God's grace, forgiveness, spiritual gifts & faithfulness. 

Power of Words ($35 Value) - This 4-week series focuses on the impact that our words have on our lives and others.  

Mind Games: 4-Week Series ($35 Value) - Talks about how we think and how that affects us in every aspect of our lives.  

Guard Your Heart: 4-Week Series ($35 Value) - Reminds teens that God has a lot to say about the condition of our hearts and why that matters.  

Easter: 4-Week Series ($35 Value) - Takes students on a journey from the cross to the resurrection of Jesus.  

Identity: 4-Week Series ($35 Value) - Help students find their identity in their relationship with Jesus.  

Salt and Light: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Help students be salt and light in their everyday lives.  

BFF: A Real Best Friend: 4-Week Series ($30 Value) - Help students navigate their friendships with peers.

Summer Days: 8-Week Summer Series ($59 Value) - This series challenges students to live a summer of significance; deepen their relationship with God; make healthy choices; and so much more!  

Proverbs: 8-Week Series ($49 Value) - Help students get "wise" by exploring the book of Proverbs.  

Colossians: The Kingdom Life - 6 Week Series ($39 Value) - Most of us know that to be true, but how are we supposed to live in this kingdom? Paul helps us with that as we get specific, practical teaching through his letter to the Colossians.  

Book of Acts - 8 Week Series ($59 Value) - Preteens will learn about the miraculous things that can be done through prayer. How Peter's escape from prison can help preteens understand that prayer set people free in the Book of Acts and it can do the same today.  

Fearless - 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - Takes students on a journey to see how people in the Bible stood strong in the face of fear. They'll learn to be confident that God is with them, and that He will take care of them.  

Under Pressure - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - Equip junior high students to handle the pressures put on them at school, home, activities (sports, music, etc.) and church.  

The Power of Influence - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - Help junior high students explore the meaning and power of influence. Students will discover who & what influences them and be challenged to positively influence others.  

Back to School Essentials: 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - Using tangible school items as metaphors, we'll talk about understanding what it means to be a new creation in Christ; the importance of renewing your mind with the Bible; making and keeping priorities; and looking to the Bible for guidance in everyday life.  

System Reset - 6-Week Series ($39 Value) - Junior High Students will discover that God pressed the reset button of their lives when they decided to surrender to and follow Jesus.  

Easter Flashback - 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - The Easter story is well known to many students. In this series, we take a look back at the events that led up to Easter weekend. students will be challenged to let down their guard and place their trust in Jesus, rather than themselves.  

Easter Games & Object Lessons ($30 Value) - Object lessons & games are great additions to your event programming and can be added to any upcoming lesson, event, small group time, mid-week service, message, etc. Perfect to fill in the gaps of your Easter programming!  

Splash - 4 Week Summer Series ($30 Value) - Splash is a four week series that focuses on stories in the Bible related to water.  

The Heat is On - 4 Week Summer Series ($30 Value) - The Heat Is On is a four week series that explores stories in the Bible involving fire. Why fire? Because summer is HOT and what a great time of the year to focus on how God used fire in the Bible!  

The Bunny Trap - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - This Easter series allows students to reflect and prepare themselves for the time of year leading up to resurrection Sunday. The Bunny Trap takes some of the usual parts of Easter story and infusing them with new meaning.  

At Your Table - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - Help students recognize the power of their words and actions. Students will examine their own lives and see what scripture says about how we act and respond to others.  

Best Year Ever: 6-Week New Year’s Series ($39 Value) - This series is all about seeing the life God has given you not as a series of random events, but as a collection of opportunities to grow in your character and become more like Jesus as you find your calling.  

Creativinme - 4 Week Jr. High Series ($29 Value) - Not everyone is creative in the same way, but that every person – because we are made in God’s image – has creativity as one of our core characteristics. Help students look at the creativity of God and see how God wants us to be creative.  

Drama Queens & Blow Up Kings - 4 Week Series ($30 Value) - A fast food look at junior high drama. Instead of reacting to the drama stirred up by students, wouldn't it be great if you could give them the tools needed to minimize it BEFORE the drama explodes?  

Encounter - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - This series takes students on a journey to discover people who encountered Jesus in the New Testament. Students will walk away with ways they can experience Jesus in their everyday lives.  

Jesus: The Real Life - 6 Week Series ($39 Value) - We desire for students to know Jesus as the real, living, breathing God in flesh. Through this series, your students will come face to face with the REAL Jesus.  

Road Trip - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - Road trips are both crazy and fun. It gets a little crazy on road-trips sometimes. In this series, we’re going to look at Jesus’ life as if he were on a road-trip the whole time he was on earth.  

The Big Q - 4 Week Series ($29 Value) - This series encourages junior high students, like Nicodemus, to ask questions. After this series students will feel comfortable asking questions so they can make decisions about their relationship with Jesus.  

Thank God - Thanksgiving Lesson - ($10 Value) - We take things for granted and this fun and exciting lesson will show students how to be thankful. In this lesson students will be looking at Colossians.  

30 Summer Games ($30 Value) - Not only are the games crazy fun, but each game also includes a quick lesson and engaging discussion questions. They're insanely fun, messy and perfectly crafted for summer. Use them for summer camp, summer event, Sunday school, midweek services, etc.  

Back to School Games and Object Lessons ($30 Value) - Object lessons & games are great additions to your back to school programming and can be added to an upcoming lesson, event, small group time, mid-week service, message, retreat, camp, etc. Perfect to fill in the gaps of your back to school programming!  

Back to School Lesson ($10 Value) - Our Back To School Lesson is a one day event on the topic of popularity. In this lesson we look at the reign of Saul, and learn that popularity isn't always what we expect it to be. 

You get all these resources, which would normally cost $1,189, for only $99!



I don't have the budget to spend $99.  

We certainly know what it's like to be on a shoe-string budget. Instead of focusing on the cost of the bundle, look at how much you're saving - YOU SAVE 90%. And think of all the cool stuff you're getting for such a low price. You get 3 years of jr high curriculum for only $99, which adds up to about 5 cents a day. Compare our price of $99 for three years of curriculum ($33 a year), to other curriculum out there. This is the best deal around! If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you can figure out a way to make that small investment in your youth ministry.  

I already have some (or a lot) of the resources in the bundle.  

Awesome! Thanks for being a loyal customer. Here's the thing. Everything on our site is included in this bundle. So if you've gotten stuff from us in the past, then you know how good our resources are. Now, you can save a ton of money on all the other resources on our site.  

I like to create my own lessons, messages and games from scratch.  

Awesome! We think it's a great idea to create your own stuff. You're the one who best knows your church's culture, community and students. Use the resources in this bundle as a foundation. Add, delete, edit as you see fit. Make it your own. Use the artwork and slides provided to make your life easier. The truth is that you're a busy jr. high leader and need all the time you can to build relationships with students, parents and volunteers. We created this bundle to save you time and make your life easier.  

I'm not sure your lessons line up with our church's theology.  

All our lessons are theologically broad enough for all church denominations (and non-denominations). We stay central to the core truths of Christianity and don't focus on denominational differences.  

I only want to purchase physical products, not downloadable resources.  

Even though we live in a digital world, you might be a bit apprehensive about not actually getting physical products. We get it. The upside of downloadable resources is that you get them instantly and can share them right away with your volunteer team. And if you experience any download issues, then contact Becky, our awesome customer service person, at ad she'll be happy to help you right away.  

I'm not familiar with  

We're a team of experienced jr high ministry leaders who have a heart to equip leaders around the world. Being a jr high leader isn't easy, and we exist to make your job easier. Learn more about us here.  

I'm not sure I'll actually like your resources.  

No worries, we understand. View our free stuff below. 


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