It is that time of year again when stores are starting their big push to get you to buy all of your essential items from them.  They know that you have to have these items, so they put them in a prominent place and lower the price.  Your students probably already have their list from their teacher.  That is right!  It is Back To School Time, and we all know there are essential items we need when it comes to this time of year.

Paper, pens, pencils, calculators, erasers and highlighters.  All these things are essential to being successful in the new year of school, but is this all we need.

Everybody needs paper, a combination locker, a schedule, and possibly a map of the classrooms.  There is more though.

When you look at a new school year what else comes to mind? A new beginning? A new set of priorities? A plan for your day as to what you will focus on? A guidebook that will answer our questions of where to go in life?

These are all things that we will look at in our new series: Back To School Essentials!BacktoSchoolEssentials

In this series we combine a number of exciting games with some great metaphors that show how the start of a new school year can be the start of so much more in our walk with Jesus.

We also share some interesting and amazing technology and Apps for you to share and use with your students during this series.  These are tools to help you connect with them on their level which is deep in the technology world.

Then when all is said and done we have some awesome small group times prepared for your students to work through these new ideas together.

Don’t wait!  Get Back To School Essentials today to start the new year off right!