25 08, 2017

Junior High Youth Group Lesson on Trusting God

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In today’s world, students feel very free to voice their opinions and ideas virtually through social media.

However, when we challenge them to put those ideas into action, too many feel like they don’t have much to offer or aren’t equipped for the challenge.

When junior high students are able to fully trust God, they’re able to […]

8 08, 2017

Junior High Game – Being Different

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Just about the time junior high students start to figure out who they are, they are faced with the fact that they are different.

They notice they are different from mom and dad, their brothers and sisters, and most of all – from each other.

This realization can be super scary because all they really want to […]

28 07, 2017


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We live in world of choices – when to go to bed, what to eat, what to spend our money on, even whether or not you want French Roast or Dark Roast coffee, which can be a choice to make or break your day!

But what about our students? They are faced with choices that can […]