19 07, 2017

Junior High Lesson – Imperfectly Following Jesus

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In the crazy world of a junior higher where change is normal, sometimes they can hear stories of following Jesus and think it should be some perfect process that no one has messed up along the way.

This lesson points out a familiar follower of Jesus and how he stumbled in striving to live like Jesus, reminding us […]

22 05, 2017


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Each of us is born with a desire to love and be loved.

The influences and pressures that surround junior high students on a daily basis will try to tell them how to fill that need.

It’s a time in life that can often be confusing and frustrating when emptiness is the end result.

Help students understand that God loves […]

15 05, 2017

Transitioning Students into Middle School Ministry

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The jump from children’s or preteen ministry into middle-school ministry can be one of the largest leaps our students make.

Navigating the transition in a healthy way will help students buy into your ministry and allow God to transform their lives.

Haphazard or lack of planning can leave students feeling lost, alone, and uncomfortable and possibly cause them to drop […]