youth group gamesWritten by Jay Reynolds


My favorite game with middle school students….there are just so many!

Strobe Light Volleyball ranks pretty high on the list. We use inflatable pool toys, a net, and a strobe light (turning lights on and off is an alternative). Be sure to crank up the music. Start with equal inflatables per team. Once begins, the object is to get as any inflatables to the other side. When the round is finished, the team with the least inflatables win. We normally play 3 rounds.

Another great game would be the Umm Game. Pull up a group of students up front. Give them a random topic to talk about one at a time. The first who says, “uh”, “umm”, “like” or pauses too long is out. We let them know they are out with a pie in the face. Have enough topics ready. Things like cars, cereals, Apple products, states, countries, etc. And have enough pies ready, pie tin and whip cream are glorious. Setting down plastic sheeting will save you time later. When done, wrap up the mess and throw away. These are just two of my favorites. If you try them out, I would love to hear it. It’s all about working together and sharing ideas. My teammate Jessica Woltz brought these games to the table and they worked well for us. Hopefully they are great for you too.


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