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Junior High Lesson on Forgiving Others

Forgiveness is a gift you give others and yourself.

When you forgive others, it allows them to move on and helps bring peace to your own heart and soul.

Because God has forgiven you of so much, you should extend that same grace to others in your life. 

Use this junior high lesson on forgiveness to teach students […]


For our students, summer can be one of the most boring times of the year.

Sometimes they don’t see their friends very often, and they have gobs of time alone at home.

In an effort to find something to do to fill their time, students will often find that temptation is there waiting for them.

So, here’s a […]


Our complaints, frequently have no purpose other than airing our personal frustrations.

Complaining can be fairly common among junior high students as they compare their lives, looks, possessions, and feelings to those of their peers.

We have the opportunity to encourage our students to be grateful, instead of discontent.

Use this junior high lesson to remind students to […]

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