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Three Apps for Family and Youth Group Fun

Written by Mike Sheley

Winter and Christmas provide plenty of opportunities for traveling.

Whether we are talking about junior highers hopping in the family minivan to visit Grandma’s house or loading up in the church van for winter camp or a retreat, there will be plenty of time spent huddled together in small spaces.

Here’s a few apps, some […]

A Christmas Wish List for Parents of Junior Highers

Written by Mike Sheley

This is the time of year where children are coming up with some of the most insane list of things they “just have to have” for Christmas this year.

This can be both fun and frustrating, depending on if you are a parent or grandparent.

However, what if we could flip this around and […]

A FREE Resource for Parents and a FroYo Tip for You!

Written by Mike Sheley
FREE RESOURCE: Back to School Parent Tool
I have had a child in middle school for the last three years. He’s now moved on to high school, but his younger brother just started middle school this year. When this middle school adventure went from being my ministry to other people’s kids to my ministry […]

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