Using Technology in Youth Ministry

Mike Sheley and I (Nick) were recently interviewed on a podcast.

The title of the episode is Р5 Ways to Use Technology in Youth Ministry

In the interview, we talk about:

The role of church media in student ministry (12:05)
5 digital tools to use for student ministry (15:36)
Team collaboration with Trello (16:05)
Creating message slides with HaikuDeck (18:59)
Private group […]

How to Use Technology to Expand Your Reach to Students

Written by Mike Sheley


For those of us leading junior high ministries, we know that phones, tablets and computers can be used to send text messages, communicate via live video, or just have an old-fashioned conversation over the phone.

However, have you thought about what this accessible and free technology could […]

How to Connect with Non-Social Media Parents

Written by Mike Sheley

Ministering to junior high students requires good communication skills with their parents. In this digitally connected world, we work hard to make sure we are effectively using the most popular social media platforms.

However, if you’re like me, you run into a few types of parents that can make this challenging.

They either use […]

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