junior high ministry drama

Do the middle schoolers in your ministry stir up a lot of drama?

Sure they do! You might even call middle school girls, “Drama Queens” and guys, “Blow Up Kings.”

Instead of reacting to the drama stirred up by students, wouldn’t it be great if you could give them the tools needed to minimize it BEFORE the drama explodes?

Sure, in a perfect world you would, but let’s get real. Drama seems to follow jr high students from the beginning of time. So, is it really possible?

The answer to that question lies in the hands of your students. They possess the power to minimize the drama.

It’s your job to give them the tools they need.

That’s where our new series, Drama Queens & Blow Up Kingscomes in to play. It’s a fast food look at junior high drama.

Use it as a tool to help students minimize the drama around them. Use it as a guide and tailor fit it to your students.

Each week, the series uses various types of “fast food” to drive home the point of the message.

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