Junior High Ministry Game – Trusting God in the Chaos

Use this game to help junior high students trust God in the chaos of life.

It includes a lesson to help students understand that no matter the obstacle, challenge or difficulty…God has a good plan for their lives.

And sometimes that means going through adversity and not understanding why you had to go through it.

Enjoy the game.

– Nick Diliberto, Junior […]

Peculiar Playlists (a junior high game)

Music is everywhere! From downloads to streaming services, from concert festivals to marching bands at football games, and from soundtracks to movies – to that song you played during a game at church last week.

So, let’s harness the popularity and fun of music in game form.

Here you go! The game is called “Peculiar Playlists”.

This game […]

Junior High Game: A Corny Race

If you are in junior high/middle school ministry, you’ve been accused at least once of telling a corny joke, right? Well what about playing a corny game?

Here you go! The game is called “A Corny Race”.

The game includes a lesson on “Being a Growing Follower of Jesus” and is based on Mark 4.

Enjoy the game!

Mike Sheley, […]

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