Youth Group Game on Identity – Junior High Ministry

Students can get very caught up in their appearance. Sometimes, this can lead to making assumptions about other people based on how they look.

Other times, this can lead to feelings of low self worth as students struggle to look a certain way to meet others’ expectations.

This fun game helps to shatter these ways of thinking […]

Youth Group Game on Humility

Whether you have a group of students who are hard-core gamers or you just have some students who like to play the latest football and basketball video games, the home video game console is still a popular feature in many homes and youth ministry spaces.

So, here’s a game that challenges students’ knowledge of some of […]

Junior High Ministry Game – Trusting God in the Chaos

Use this game to help junior high students trust God in the chaos of life.

It includes a lesson to help students understand that no matter the obstacle, challenge or difficulty…God has a good plan for their lives.

And sometimes that means going through adversity and not understanding why you had to go through it.

Enjoy the game.

– Nick Diliberto, Junior […]

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