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  • Spool of string
  • Non-damaging tape (masking tape or scotch tape)
  • 3-4 large bags of M&M’s (or large bag of pennies)
  • 4 white bed sheets
  • 1 yellow t-shirt

Playing Area: Church sanctuary, auditorium, youth room, gym, etc. Set-up chairs in traditional rows.


Using the string create a “pac-man game-style maze by taping small pieces of it from chair to chair on the end rows or at various points in the middle of rows.  Make sure to keep some ends open at various points in order allow players to move from row to row and around your maze.

Take your M&Ms or coins and spread them up one on each seat or on the floor throughout the entire maze.

Taking the sheets, cut eyes-holes into them creating your “Ghosts” for the game.  Give the 3-4 assigned players “Ghosts” their sheets send them to a designated area in your maze or the opposite side. Assign a leader to the “Ghosts” in order stagger releasing them into the maze.

Give your yellow t-shirt to your “Pac-Man” or “Ms Pac-Man” sending them to the outside of the maze.

On “Go!” the Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man will begin to work their way through the maze either eating M&M’s or collecting coins while little by little (1-2 minutes apart) the Ghosts are released out into the maze to try to catch Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man.

Additional Options:

  • Use a black light and/or strobe light in your playing area/room.
  • Add a few “Power-Up” using 4 Frisbees hidden throughout the maze that will allow Pac-Man to have 1-2 minutes of power to eliminate Ghosts or force Ghosts to restart maze.
  • If  your church or auditorium has a balcony, seat the rest of your group above the game allowing them a full Pac-Man game perspective and so they can cheer and help their friends.