Awhile back we played this game (see video below) at youth group – Human Battleship.

It was so much fun!

Your youth group will love it too!

It’s one they can play over and over. In fact, this is a great game regardless of age.

The youth ministry in the video is a large one, but it will totally work with a small group of only 10 or so. Seriously, it’s a lot of fun!

Enjoy the game!

Nick Diliberto, Junior High Ministry

Watch Game Here:

How to Play

1. Split into 2 teams and make a room divider. When we played, we used folding tables as a divider. That way, students couldn’t see the location of the other team. But a stack of chairs will work just fine too.

2. Students throw balls in the air attempting to hit players on the other side.

3. Players are eliminated if hit by a ball, even if it bounces first. Players have to stay still and can’t move around. Players have to keep backs to the ground.

4. When hit, exit the playing area and help toss balls back in play for teammates.

5. In order to win, you must eliminate all the players on the opposing team.