Road Trip Series


Road Trip: A Four Week Summer Series

Are your junior high students ready for a road trip full of adventure, risk and uncertainty?


Road trips are both crazy and fun. It gets a little crazy on road-trips sometimes. You could have bad weather, car-sickness, or traffic. On the positive side, road-trips can also be a lot of fun. In this series, we’re going to look at Jesus’ life as if he were on a road-trip the whole time he was on earth.

Sample lesson does not include powerpoint slides or artwork, which are included in the purchased version.

Your junior highers will love this series!

A great series for back to school, the beginning of the year or spring time.

Throughout the Road Trip series, junior highers will discover these truths:
  • We are invited to be a passenger on Jesus’ road trip.
  • Have you ever experienced car sickness on a road trip? In life, we are all sick with sin and Jesus is the only one who can help.
  • Like coming to a fork in the road on a long trip, each day we have a choice to make – God’s way or our way. While it is normal to wrestle with following God’s will, God’s way always leads to a better destination.
  • Every road trip has a destination. Jesus’s destination was the cross and His resurrection. When we decide to follow Jesus, we begin our own road trip – a new life with Him.

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Editable lesson in Word Document and PDF.  You get to choose which one works best for you.  Edit as needed and easily share with your volunteers.
  • Complete PowerPoint slides. (and lessons with notes for PowerPoint)
  • Artwork that you can use for promotional purposes (flyer, web banner, handout, etc.)

Lesson Format:

  • Fun opening game
  • Creative teaching
  • Engaging small group discussion questions
  • Eye catching object lessons
  • Cool video/visual illustrations
  • Interactive small group activities

Series Overview:

Week 1:  The Passengers Mark 1:16-20
Takeaway Point: Jesus invites us to be passengers on his road-trip.

Week 2:  The Car-Sickness  Mark 2:1-12
Takeaway Point: Jesus is the only one who can heal us from the sickness of sin.

Week 3:  The Fork In The Road  Mark 14:32-36
Takeaway Point: It’s normal to wrestle with the will of God, but in the end God’s will is always the best way.

Week 4:  The Destination  Mark 15 & 16
Takeaway Point: Jesus willingly gave his life to pay for our sins, and his resurrection gives us a new mission.