Junior High Youth Group Game: Human Battleship

Awhile back we played this game (see video below) at youth group – Human Battleship.

It was so much fun!

Your youth group will love it too!

It’s one they can play over and over. In fact, this is a great game regardless of age.

The youth ministry in the video is a large one, but it will totally work with a small group […]

Technology: Bracket Madness

Written by Mike Sheley

It’s that time of year again where as a nation we are consumed with brackets, underdogs, favorites, picks and numbers like 16, 8, 4 and 1. It’s a madness that runs from March through the beginning of April and, if we’re honest, distracts us from our normal daily routine more than anything […]

Youth Group Game: Rubber Chickens

Written by Mike Sheley

I walked into the room where I usually find junior highers playing basketball or ultimate frisbee and found something a little different.

If you just looked with me at the motions the boys were going through, it resembled Ultimate Frisbee.

However, they didn’t have a frisbee. What did they have?! Yes, they had…a rubber […]

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